Tri Sirena and the Siren Luminaries Team: Inspiring Attention for Women's Health

Fuerza Coffee is proud to sponsor the Siren Luminaries Team. The Siren Luminaries are a group of about 100 athletes who represent Tri Sirena Apparel's core values of training and racing hard while protecting their skin.

Tri Sirena provides physician approved, sun protective clothing specifically for swim/bike/run to reduce the skin cancer risk for all outdoor athletes while helping them achieve their endurance goals. Founder and cancer survivor Stefani Schuetz founded Tri Sirena to fill a gap in protective gear for women in endurance sports. Stefani explains:

“You have cancer” are three words you never imagine hearing at the age of 25. At the same time I was diagnosed with stage 2 of the deadliest form of skin cancer – Melanoma – I was also a single mother, triathlete, fitness instructor, and working in the medical field. I was lucky. The cancer did not spread to my other organs and the doctors were able to remove the cancer with surgery alone. Tri Sirena was born from my personal mission to say active outside, protect my skin, and do whatever I can to help other athletes never have to hear those three words.”

Stephanie does all the hard work to make athletes feel and look fantastic while preventing skin cancer. For example, Stephanie finds the best fabrics to provide full skin coverage without making anyone any hotter while training outdoors. Because of Stephanie’s design talent, Tri Sirena kits are a gorgeous combination of color and comfort, style and function. And, at Fuerza Coffee, we especially appreciate the playful side of the brand, like the puns “Race Clean. Martini Dirty” and the positive messaging “Peace Love & Long Runs.”

One of the reasons the Siren Luminaries Team is so successful is the messaging central to the brand—to build relationships while spreading skin cancer awareness without following any particular athletic mold:  

“You don’t have to be super fast, have a specific look, or be a certain age. We want to show off ALL women of outdoor sports and who better to do that than…well…you!"

Like the mermaid-like mythical creatures of the Sirena namesake, the Siren Luminaries are all beautiful and powerful in their differences and distinctiveness.

The Tri Sirena 2021 Team is open for applications until September 18, 2020. So, go apply now and checkout their website and IG page to learn how to protect your skin as you train outside!

IG: @tri_sirena_apparel

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